1-3 JUNE 2022
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International Programme Committee (IPC)

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    Hans Ket (chair IPC)

    Medical Information Specialist/Literature Researcher

    Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Bio: Hans is a medical information specialist/literature researcher since 2003 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and works for a range of fields, faculties and departments, like Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, Health Sciences and occasionally Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, Philosophy and Theology. Most of the time on systematic or scoping reviews. He co-authored 80 articles, see his ORCID-page. He also prepares and gives educational classes, workshops and presentations to these departments. Since 2010 he has been training Dutch information specialists on systematic reviews, CATs, guidelines and PubMed. He is passionate about furthering the role and responsibilities and knowledge of information specialists in systematic literature research.

    Expertise/interest: training of information specialists; systematic reviews; guidelines; systematic searching; all fields of science; networks.

    h.ket@vu.nl /  LinkedIn

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    Wichor Bramer (chair LOC)

    Biomedical Information Specialist

    Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Bio: Since 2009 Wichor has been working as an information specialist for Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His main tasks are to create searches for systematic reviews and to educate researchers and students on searching. He has developed a method that helps him and his colleagues perform systematic searches much faster on average than other librarians, but still guarantee quality. He has successfully defended his PhD thesis on this topic in 2019. He has published many papers on the methodology of searching and the use of EndNote for SRs and has taught international classes for medical information specialists on these topics. He is a co-author of more than 80 published SRs.

    Expertise/interest: systematic reviews; systematic searching; databases; reference software.

    w.bramer@erasmusmc.nl /  LinkedIn

  • ana

    Anabela Henriques

    Head Librarian / Assistant Professor

    Coimbra Health School, Coimbra, Portugal / University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

    Bio: Anabela holds a Ph.D. in Information Science since September 2017, a Master in Information Science in September 2011. Has a Degree in Information Science in July 1998, a Degree in Sociology in July 1996. Developed professional activity in the project of converting catalogs in the General Library of the University of Coimbra, between 1998 and 1999; Head Librarian from 1999 to 2001 at the Municipal Library of Mortágua; since 2001 works as Head Librarian at Coimbra Health School. Professor, since 2020, in the Information Science Degree Course at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. She does research in Information Science; bibliometrics; visibility of scientific publications; bibliotherapy. Publishes in scientific journals and participates in national and international scientific events (orcid). Since 2006, she has been a board member of the APDIS - Portuguese Association on Health Documentation and Information. Member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Association on Health Documentation and Information. 


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    Carlos Lopes


    ISPA-Instituto Universitario, Lisbon, Portugal

    clopes@ispa.pt / LinkedIn

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    Eugenie Delvaux

    Head Knowledge- and Information Centre

    Maxima Medical Center, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

    e.delvaux@mmc.nl / LinkedIn

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    Francesca Gualtieri (EAHIL Board member)

    Library and Archives Manager

    Rottapharm Biotech, Monza, Italy

    Francesca.Gualtieri@rottapharmbiotech.com / LinkedIn

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    Güssün Güneş (IPC chair 2021 EAHIL workshop)

    Associate Professor of Information and Records Management

    Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

    gussun.gunes@marmara.edu.tr / LinkedIn

  • dubbel2

    Helge Knüttel


    Universität Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

    helge.knuettel@ur.de / LinkedIn

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    Ingeborg van Dusseldorp

    Senior Information Specialist

    Knowledge Institute for Medical Specialists, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    i.vandusseldorp@kennisinstituut.nl / LinkedIn

  • jolanda

    Jolanda Elmers

    Health Information Specialist

    CHUV Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland

    Bio: Jolanda Elmers has been part of the research support, teaching and learning team of the University Medical Library at the University Hospital in Lausanne, as an information specialist in the role of training coordinator since 2015. She is involved in research projects for members of the hospital staff of the university hospital, as well as for the members of the medical and nursing science faculties of the University of Lausanne. She has a particular interest in teaching methods and program delivery to develop information literacy among students of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine.

    Jolanda.elmers@chuv.ch / LinkedIn

  • karen

    Karen Marie Overn

    Senior Research Librarian

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Gjøvik, Norway

    Bio: Karen Marie is a senior research librarian at NTNU’s campus in Gjøvik, Norway. She is passionate about teaching information skills and critical thinking and making the university library a better hub for teaching and learning. In addition to teaching, Karen Marie is in charge of communication and social media for the campus library as well as the library’s events. Karen Marie is particularly interested in systematic searching, deeper learning and slow librarianship.

    Main interests: pedagogy, learning and building communities.

    karen.overn@ntnu.no / LinkedIn

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    Lotta Haglund (EAHIL President)

    Head of Department

    Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden

    lotta.haglund@gih.se / LinkedIn

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    Louise Farragher

    Senior Information Officer

    Health Research Board (HRB), Dublin, Ireland

    lfarragher@hrb.ie / LinkedIn

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    Maria da Luz Antunes

    Head Librarian

    Lisbon School of Health Technology, Lisbon, Portugal

    mluz.antunes@estesl.ipl.pt / LinkedIn

  • regina

    Regina Küfner Lein

    Academic Librarian

    Bergen University, Bergen, Norway

    Bio: Regina is has been an academic librarian at the Medical library of the University of Bergen, Norway since 1997. She is part of the library's education and research support section. Her main tasks are teaching and guiding students and staff of the medical faculty in literature searching, sytematic reviews and reference software. She has been an EAHIL council member for two periods, and an IPC member for the EAHIL conference in Basel.

    Regina.Lein@uib.no / LinkedIn

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    Robin Ottjes

    Medical Information Specialist

    University Medical Center, Groningen, The Netherlands

    Bio: Robin is a medical information specialist at the Central Medical Library of the University Medical Center Groningen in The Netherlands. His work can best be described along three themes, namely researcher support, education and innovation. This includes (among other things) maintaining the institutional repository (Pure), open access, research analytics, impact, identifiers, profiles and reference management. Robin is a historian, but he knows not to dwell in the past. So searching and testing new tools or technologies that should make the life of researchers, students or fellow librarians easier is an important part of his work.

    Main interests: Research analytics (Metrics & Altmetrics), Institutional repositories, open access

    r.f.ottjes@umcg.nl / LinkedIn

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    Thomas Vandendriessche

    Domainmanager Research

    KU Leuven Libraries - 2Bergen, Leuven, Belgium

    Bio: Thomas started in 2016 as biomedical informationspecialist at KU Leuven Libraries – 2Bergen – Learning Centre Désiré Collen. Since, 2019 he is domainmanager Research at KU Leuven Libraries – 2Bergen. Together with his team, he helps researchers of both the Group Biomedical Sciences as of the Group Science, Technology and Engineering in Informatioen Retrieval/Evidence Synthesis, Research Data Management, Open Access publishing and Open Science. In addition, they teach a variety of courses on these topics to bachelor, – master, PhD-students, researchers and clinical staff of the University Hospital.

    Main interests: Information retrieval, Systematic Reviews, Research Data Management, Open Access, Open data.

    thomas.vandendriessche@kuleuven.be / LinkedIn


  • Afbeelding1

    Tiina Heino

    Information Specialist

    Helsinki University Library, Meilahti Campus Library of Health Sciences Terkko, Finland

    Bio: Tiina is information specialist at the Helsinki University Library, Medical Campus Library Terkko, Helsinki, Finland. She has been working there since 1997. Before that, she worked at the Ultuna Library of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden for 10 years.

    Her main tasks at work: teaching, and coordinating & organizing of the teaching for the customers (students, researchers, staff at the medical faculty at the University of Helsinki & Helsinki University Hospital); reference service, guidance and presenting new library services and new features. She is also active in national and international cooperation.

    She is a member of the Executive Board of EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries), 2019- (Council member 2015-2018).

    She is president of Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae (Finnish Association for Medical & Health Librarians and Information Professionals) 2015-.

    tiina.m.heino@helsinki.fi / LinkedIn

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    Winnie Schats

    Senior Officer Scientific Information Service 

    Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Bio: Winnie has been working 25+ years in medical libraries as an information specialist. Currently she is a senior officer at the scientific information service of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Cancer Hospital / Netherlands Cancer Institute. Her main specialties are literature searching and (EBP) searching education. Other specialties include content management and web editing, data management and repositories.

    Main interests: literature searching, data management, repositories, evidence based practice

    w.schats@nki.nl / LinkedIn

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    Witold Kozakiewicz

    Library Director

    Medical University, Lodz, Poland

    witold.kozakiewicz@umed.lodz.pl / LinkedIn