1-3 JUNE 2022
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EAHIL 2022 will be the first hybrid EAHIL conference, in which we hope to combine the best of both online and in person events. We do not offer full live streaming of the presentation but recordings of all presentations and slides will become available online. Both those present during the live event, and those subscribing to the online only event will have access to the online content.

In the week after the live meeting we will gather again for an online event in which we can discuss a selection of the presentations with the presenters. Selected authors (those awarded prices by the visitors, and those valued highest by the IPC) will be allocated time slots during which they can discuss their research in an online meeting with visitors. This allows for more in depth discussion than the short question and answer sessions after the live presentations.

A more complete description of how the online event will take place will follow shortly on this page.