1-3 JUNE 2022
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Online participation

EAHIL 2022 will be the first hybrid EAHIL conference, in which we hope to combine the best of both online and in person events. We do not offer live streaming of the presentations. However, recordings of the plenary presentations and slides of parallel sessions will become available online. Both those present during the live event, and those subscribing to the online only event will have access to the online content.

In the week after the live meeting (Thursday 9 June & Friday 10 June) we will gather again for an online event in which we can discuss a selection of the presentations with the presenters. Selected authors (those awarded prices by the visitors, and those valued highest by the IPC) will be allocated time slots during which they can discuss their research in an online meeting with visitors. This allows for more in depth discussion than the short question and answer sessions after the live presentations.

So, online access does not include live streaming of the presentations in Rotterdam. In summary, this is the difference between online and in person participation:

  In person participant (€400/€450) Online participant (€100)
30 May - Recordings of online Only presentations published online v v
- Files for posters (online only and in person) available online
- Powerpoint presentations of in person Oral presentations available online
- Online discussion forum for each accepted abstract opens
31 May CECs v 1  
31 May First Timers reception v 2  
1-3 June In person Conference Rotterdam v  
- Live Plenary speakers/ Panel discussion
- Live Oral Presentations
- Live Workshops
- Live Poster presentations
- Exhibition with sponsors
- Live vendor workshops
1-3 June Hybrid SIG meetings v v 3
01-jun Welcome reception v  
02-jun Conference Dinner v  
03-jun Hybrid General assembly v v 4
06-jun Recordings of the Plenary speakers/ Panel discussion available online v v
9-10 Jun Virtual conference v v
- Sessions per topic with presenters of online only Orals and highest scoring in person presentations
- Session with the plenary speakers
- Session on the outcomes of the in person workshops
09-jun Online Workshop v v
09-jun Virtual SIG meetings v v 3

[1] Access not included in the price of the conference, but an additional €100 per half a day.

[2] Only for first time in person visitors of EAHIL conference

[3] SIG meetings will be organized hybrid or virtually by the SIGs themselves. They will share a link to a zoom meeting within their own networks, which will be accessible to SIG members who have registered for the conference online, and to those who have not registered for the conference.

[4] A link will be shared to a zoom meeting through the EAHIL mailing list. The general assembly will be accessible to EAHIL members who have registered for the conference online, and to those who have not registered for the conference.